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Commercial Oil Expeller GTO-160

Commercial Oil Expeller GTO-160 is one of the finest product of the company which is offered in various and wide range of models. Being made up of stainless steel and other hard,metals like iron ore. The machine is hard and sturdy in its design. The non corrosive feature of the products makes it ideal be used even in challenging conditions. The machine is perfect to carry out heavy duties and is durable as well. The surface treatment given to Commercial Oil Expeller GTO-160 is also an important factor that makes the machine all the more suitable in fetching out the optimum percentage of oil from all sorts of grains.




    • Rigid structures

    • High level of performance

    • Rust resistant

    • Consumes very limited voltage

      Additional Information:

      • Item Code: GTO-160
      • Packing: Safety Wooden Box
      • Delivery Time: 30-45 Days






      Diameter of Squeezing Bolt

      80 MM

      100 MM

      120 MM

      150 MM

      Speed of Squeezing Bolt

      60 RPM

      40 RPM

      36 RPM

      30 RPM

      Diameter of Internal Circle of Pressing Chest

      82 MM

      102 MM

      122 MM

      152 MM

      Main Engine Power

      5.5 KW

      7.5 KW

      11 KW

      30 KW

      Heater Power

      3 KW

      3.5 KW

      4 KW

      5 KW

      Handling Capacity

      Up to 100 Kg/hr

      Up to 150 Kg/hr

      Up to 250 Kg/hr

      Up to 400 Kg/hr

      Weight of Machine

      550 Kg

      760 Kg

      915 Kg

      1800 Kg

      External Dimensions

      1.7x1.3x1.6 meters

      2.0x1.4x1.7 meters

      2.05x1.4x1.8 meters

      2.2x1.5x1.8 meters