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Cold Press Oil Expeller

Main Features and Advantages:

The GTC series screw press machine is designed to meet the requirements of customers for oil production. The machine is reasonable in design, advanced in performance and beautiful in shape.

It is suitable for direct processing of peanut, sunflower seed, sesame seeds, mustard, rape seeds, flax seeds, soybeans, olive seeds and other oil crops. It does not need to be steamed and fried. It saves time, labor and space. It has large processing capacity, high oil output rate, crystal and pure oil, no foam and no impurities. The automatic feeding elevator can fully realize production automation.

The machine is composed of feeding hopper, gear box, press cage, press screw, row, cake mouth, tip, rack, cylinder, vacuum pump, motor and other components.

The working principle is that the oil is extruded from the material embryo and discharged from the slots and oil troughs of the strip and circle rows by the continuous pushing of the material embryo in the squeezing chamber and the change of the space volume of the squeezing chamber from large to small, and the oil can be directly eaten in a barrel after deep filtration of the oil tank.

This is fully automatic one, which has two vacuum filter drums.

Pure Oil Quality: With two vacuum oil filters, residuals can be removed by simple filtering.






Handling Capacity (Input)

120-160 Kg/hr

180-300 Kg/hr

300-600 Kg/hr

400-700 Kg/hr

Main Engine Power

15 KW

22 KW

30 KW

37 KW

Vacuum Power

1.1 KW

1.1 KW

2.2 KW

2.2 KW

Weight of Machine

1500 Kg

1600 Kg

1900 Kg

2000 KG

External Dimensions

2.0x1.6x2.7 m

2.15x1.6x2.7 m

2.65x1.9x2.7 m

2.7x2.0x2.7 m

Speed of Squeezing Bolt

60-100 RPM